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Lesser Known Voices of 2007By Jason Goldtrap 01.01.08This video may take a while to load.\n\nOnce again, my gratitude goes to Rusty White of Einsiders.com for his assistance. \n\nSolveig Dommartin. 48, starred in, \"Until the End of the World.\" Sigrid Valdis. 72, was Helga on \"Hogan\'s Heroes.\" Lois Maxwell, 80, was Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond films. Jeanne Carmen, 77, was a pin-up and B-movie actress. Bob Clark, 67, wrote the screenplay for \"A Christmas Story.\" \n\nRon Carey, 71, was Officer Levitt on \"Barney Miller.\" Lamar Lundy, 71, played a giant Cyclops on \"Lost In Space.\" Bob Whitney, 94, played a cop who wondered why Gene Kelly wassinging in the rain. Kurt Vonnegut, 84, wrote Slaughterhouse-Five. Gordon Scott, 79, and Herman Brix, 100, played Tarzan. Marion Michael, 66, was \"Liane, Jungle Goddess.\" Kerwin Matthews, 81, fought a skeleton in \"The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.\" Jerry Ito, 79, was the bad guy in \"Mothra.\" Charles Lane, 102, played in \"It\'s a Wonderful Life.\" Ann Hovey, 95, was a siren of the silent era. \"Sayonara\" Miyoshi Umeki, 78. Kitty Carlisle, 96, Charles Nelson Riley, 76, and Brett Somers, 83, were as well known for being on game shows as they were for acting. \n\nPete Kleinow, 72, animated the PurinaChow chuck wagon. Iwao Takamoto, 82, gave us Scooby Doo. Jon Lackey, 69, designed \"The Creeping Terror.\" Yvan Delporte, 78, helped the Smurfs become popular. Johnny Hart, 76, created the comic strip \"B.C.\" Brant Parker, 86, co-created, \"The Wizard of Id.\" Velma Dawson, 95, built Howdy Doody. Paul Norris, 93, co-created Aquaman. Dick Wilson, 91, asked us to not squeeze the Charmin.Lee Hazelwood, 78, opined \"Some velvet morning when I\'m straight.\" Max Roach, 83, reinvented drumming. Janis Martin, 67, sang \"Bang, Bang.\" Frankie Lane, 93, sang \"Rawhide.\" Carol Richards, 84, along with Bing Crosby, sang \"Silver Bells.\" Walter Turnbull, 68, founded the Boys Choir of Harlem.Bobby Pickett, 69, sang \"The Monster Mash.\" Hank Medress, 68, sang \"The Lion Sleeps Tonight.\" Hy Zaret, 99, co-wrote \"Unchained Melody.\" Boots Randolph, 80, played \"Yakety Sax.\" Mahlon Clark, 84, tooted a happy clarinet for the \"Baby Elephant Walk.\" Earl Bennett, 88, as Sir Frederick Gas, sang with Spike Jones. Jack Linkletter, 70, was Art\'s son and host of Hootenanny. \n\nEvel Knievel, 69, was the father of the world\'s greatest motorcycle jumper. Bill Whitman, 92, invented the surfboard and the underwater camera. William Tuttle, 95, made make-up an important part of storytelling in film.Leroy Coleman, 92, designed Opryland. Dr. Milton Wexler, 98, started the Human Genome Project. Eve Curie, 102, was Marie\'s daughter.\n\n\nEarl Dodge, 74, of the Prohibition Party died during his 7th run for President. Thomas Eagleton, 77, spent a lifetime of service as a Missouri senator. Carol Bruce, 87, was Mama Carlson for WKRP. Capt. Wally Schirra, 84, was one of the original Mercury 7. Col. Paul Tibbets, 92, helped to end WW2. Adm. William Sweester, 105, survived the USS Panay attack. During a tornado in Enterprise, Alabama, A.J. Jackson, 16, a high school student, stood up to hold backa concrete beam that was about to collapse on a girl he barely knew. He saved her life but lost his own. Samuel S. Snyder, 96, built \"Abner\" one of the first computers which helped break the Japanese code during World War 2. With the passing of J. Russell Coffey, 109, only two World War 1 vets remain in America.\n \n \nPlease consider buying my novel \"Sarah Conrad of Eagle Creek\".\nwww.SarahConradofEagleCreek.com

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