The World\'s Youngest Pro Freestyle Motocross Rider Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

This kid has achieved in 3 years what many amateur athletes spend their entire 20\'s hunting down. He\'s only just turned seven and already he can boast a sponsor, his own DVD, national media coverage and a national tour. And not just any sponsor, one of the world\'s biggest, and not just any national tour... DC Shoes spotted the potential in young Phillips in 2004 when he was invited to ride with the notorious Crusty Demons of Dirt on their national tour. The rest is a very impressive albeit short history.In the two years DC have sponsored young Israel Philips his skills have progressed beyond anyone\'s expectations. He lives for the challenge of bettering his already impressive skills. While we can all nod and speculate how brilliant he\'ll be by the time he\'s 18, for now we can guarantee at 7 year\'s of age he\'ll impress even the most unenthused of sceptics.

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