Riding a motorcycle is really a lot of fun, especially if the sun is shining, there isn’t too much traffic, and the roads are nice and clear. On the other hand, when there is lots of traffic, you sometimes risk your life avoiding cars that aren’t paying attention. There are some things that you can do to make riding a bike safer, here are some tips.

Don’t Weave In And Out Of Traffic

While from your point of view it looks fairly safe, the drivers of the cars often can’t see you at all when you cut from one side of the road to the other quickly. The car driver may be on the verge of pulling out and if he doesn’t see you, he could pull right in front of you with no warning.

One of the best ways to increase your visibility is to turn on your headlight and leave on permanently whenever you’re riding your bike. Studies have shown that many car drivers see the light far better than the motorcycle without one. In some states, having the headlight on all the time is required by law.

Avoid Busy Streets With Cars Pulling Out

Many cars will look right at a motorcycle and just pull out as if you’re not there. Others will run stop signs to get in front of you for no apparent reason. When you’re entering an intersection and you don’t see the eyes of a driver that is ready to pull out, you should beep your horn until you do. If they never look your way, you should assume they don’t see you and take precautions to avoid being hit.

If you can, you should always take the quieter side streets with no traffic so you can smoothly glide to your destination without trouble. Just the smallest fender-bender for a car could end up breaking bones of bike rider so it always better to be safe. Some cars even intentionally try to bully bikes for some strange reason so it’s best to avoid as many cars as possible.

When owning a car and also a bike, you should remember the difference when you drive either one. You can’t pull into an intersection of a motorcycle and expect a car to see you and slow down. You’ll eventually get hit and it could hurt. Drive defensively all the time on your bike, honk a lot, slow down for inattentive motorists and don’t take risks.