Fuel TV - Weekly Skid #14 Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

Skuff\'s Weekly Skid is your action sport and music round-up yo!!Check it Friday and Saturday nights on Fuel TV (Australia) or right now at http://www.skuff.tvThis episode; we get amongst the good times at the final stop of this year\'s pro-wake series in the US. Cult continues on its hunt for Australia\'s freakiest surf talent, the Get Ya Freaks Out Tour, stopping through Byron Bay for one of the whackiest contests yet. The world\'s freestyle moto-x elite pull out all stops on the latest leg of Red-Bull\'s X-Fighters competition in Spain, which saw Aussie Robbie Maddison take 3rd place behind a near unstoppable Matt Rebeaud. And champions of Aussie\'s underground hard rock scene Mammal chat with Skuff TV about stage diving, chicks at gigs and taking the power back!

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