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I have 5 books to read, and as soon as I am finished reading them probably by Christmas or Easter (will probably have finished before Easter), I will upload a massive, comprehensive, and robust defense of the resurrection of Christ. My goal is actually to top the defense of the resurrection provided by Kabane52 and Veritas48so the parts of the video series will probably be as follows\npart 1: Introduction\npart 2: The Problem of Miracles (a series of arguments which show that miracles are not too improbable to be proven by history)\nPart 3: The reliability of the Gospels, historical problems (markan geographical errors,chronological contradictions, discrepencies in resurrection accounts)I am dropping this one because I find it simply unimportant. the vast majority of the chronological problems can be solved if you watch my response to JohnLArmstrong\'s \"Jesus timeline\"\n\npart 4: the reliability of the Gospels, Authorship and Date\npart 5: the reliability of the Gospels, the transmission of Oral tradition\npart 6: the reliability of the Gospels, Textual criticism and the New Testament\npart 7: the physical resurrection\npart 8: the physical resurrection, survey of 1 Corinthians 15 (I just completed this, and the full analysis takes up 2 parts, the first being 10 minutes, and the second being 8 and a half minutes)\npart 9: the crucifixion and the Jesus myth\npart 10: the burial account of Jesus\npart 11: the Empty tomb of Jesus\npart 12: the appearances of Christ\npart 13: the origin of the disciples\' belief in the resurrection\npart 14: Rival theories explaining the empty tomb, appearances, and the origin of the christian faith\npart 15: the self understanding of Jesus (who did Jesus think he was?)\npart 16: why God is the best explanation for the resurrection\npart 17: conclusion\npart 18: exposition of sources used.\n\nsources which I will, or probably will use: \n\nThe New Testament and the People of God by N.T. Wright\n\nThe Resurrection of the Son of God, by N.T. Wright\n\nJesus and the Eye-witnesses, by Richard Bauckham\n\nThe Gospels for all Christians, by Richard Bauckham (possibly. I hear it gives a good refutation of Bultmann\'s \"communities\" thesis and argues that the Gospels were written for a much wider audience)\n\nReasonable Faith, by William Lane Craig\n\nThe Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, by Michael Licona and Gary Habermas\n\nThe Historical Jesus, by Gary Habermas\n\nThe Historical reliability of the Gospels, by Craig L. Blomberg\n\nThe Gospel and the Greeks, by Ronald Nash\n\nThe Jesus Legend, by Paul Eddy and Gregory Boyd, \n\nThe New Testament Documents, are they reliable? by F.F. Bruce\n\nReinventing Jesus, by J. Ed. Komoszewski, M. Sawyer, and Daniel Wallace\n\nThe Text of the New Testament, by Bruce Metzger and Bart Ehrman (possibly. I have been wanting to getinto Textual criticism lately, and this one was the most highly recommended presentation of the New Testament and Textual criticism)\n\nEDIT: after discovering the 40$ pricetag on Metzger and Ehrman\'s book, I do not think I will be purchasing that book. However, I have heard interesting things about Kurt Aland\'s discussion on it, but I hope it is readable seeing that it is a translation from a german text.

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