I Wanna Get Laid by the Chixie Dix Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

New Music Video from the Chixie DixProduced by Jay Sweeney\nCo-Produced by Steve Fabricant\nDirected by Eric Alexander&Jay SweeneyFilmed&Edited by Eric AlexanderMixed by Tony DiLullo\nSpecial Thanks Yuichi Hirakawa, Steve King, Joe Dixon, Joe Pontillo, Bob Bell, Angry Bob, Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory, Cafe Wha, Comedy Cellar, Antwon Robinson, Sherrod Small, Dan Naturman, Rich Vos, Greg Giraldo, Dave Attell, Ardie Fuqua, Kurt Metzger, Robert Kelly, Animal Sex, Eric Alexander, Nick Griffin, Crazy Mike, Dani Statfeld, Mike D.

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