Journey To Hell\'s gate Enduro- Throttle Films Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos\n\nTuscany : a peaceful cityscape in the heart of Italy known for delicious cuisine and natural beauty. But each year, none of this matters when the world’s best extreme Enduro riders invade the hills for an ultimate battle. It’s called hell’s gate… an extreme endurance race that is as unforgiving and relentless.\n\nThe brainchild of international enduro champion Fabio Fasola, 100 riders will compete in 2 stage torture test that starts in the morning and ends at night. It’s a journey through jagged rocks, dark forests, steep hillclimbs and nasty waterfalls that will destroy its victims and put them through hell! This film documents the Godfather of FMX, Mike Metzger and the young superstar Taddy Blazusiak as they compete in what is considered one of the top 5 hardest races in the world.

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