Rock of Ages 10th Anniversary Tribute (1979) Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

Here is a video tribute to the long-running WCIU Channel 26 program \"Rock of Ages\" in honor of its 10th Anniversary. Features still pictures, clips and music from the program\'s history.\"Rock of Ages was a gospel music show hosted by Isabel Joseph Johnson. Isabel also hosted a similarly named show on Sunday mornings on WVON-AM. Both shows featured local talent from churches all around Chicago. Rock of Ages, it it\'s original format, was a live 90 minute show with the first halfhour featuring live commercials for a local furniture store. The show was later cut back to an hour when they lose the sponsor.\n\nIt was a logistical miracle. There were nights when several hundred people were on the shows. Mostly choirs, but some nights would have three or four of them. Mixed in between them would be smaller groups. You would have to see a map of Channel 26\'s studio back then to appreciate how well run this show was - and how well behaved the choirs and groups had to be to make this work. As mentioned, it was a live show and during the breaks we would often be resettingthe entire musical set from a choir to a soloist with a piano while an interview was going on just a few feet away.\n\nThe music was always rocking and praising the Lord. It was a show the entire crew looked forward to. It really brought out the best in everyone who workedthere.\" - Frank J. Chambers, Jr.Happy Ten Year Anniversary - From the Present Crew:\n\nLeonardo Oblinski - Gary Peterson - Steve Stabile - Jim Pease - Gus Artega - Norm Cherry\n\nAnd All Those Past Crews:\n\nJim Paterson - Jim Sargent - Tom Evans - Mike May - Chester Lewicki - Pete Janotta - Frank McCoy - Mildred Lightfoot - Bob Weber- Tom Mikolitas - Jan Janowski - Kim Friedman - Gary Shore - Patricia Michel - Emanuel Achille - Tony Almuniaskis - Dean Hanen - Ray \"Ace\" Waters - Larry Logman - Bill Hughes\nFrank Accardi - Aubrey Mumpower - George Kapoulas - Willie Sneed - Larry Fisher - Ellen Karp - Richard Gaucher - John Vodenik - Harold Weiland - Chuck Piant - Joe Federici -David Freer - Jose Marcus - Paul Thompson - Dennis Czechanski - Clinton O\'Conner - Marty Reynolds - Ron Shapiro - Nate Metzger - B.D. Shuster - Kirby O\'Conner - Yukiko Tokunaga - Ray Mienke - Lynn Baroff - Debbie Woods - Andrea Wonais\n\nHappy Ten YearAnniversary Isabel - Love, Frank.\n\nProduced&Directed by Frank J. Chambers Jr.This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, March 3rd 1979.\n\nVisit - http://www.FuzzyMemories.TV \nThe Museum of Classic Chicago Television - for more fun!

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