Stripped Moutain Bike Video Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos\"STRIPPED is like fresh music from the early 80\'s; heavily synthesized and totally tubular. STRIPPED offers something different to mountain bike videos; it\'s an artistic and creative masterpiece that maintains world class production quality while feeling far too fun to be an ordinary mountain bike film. STRIPPED is the essence of the future. We\'re not following a fad; we\'re doing something different. We\'re kickin\' off the new wave.\"\n\nPerfect light, beautiful footage, amazing locations, loud helicopters, dangerous cable cams, and the tightest editing of all time. This is STRIPPED, the killernew mountain bike film that you\'ve probably never heard of.\n\nWe have been working closely with a lot of stellar riders including Dylan Tremblay, Steve Romaniuk, Mike Kinrade, Kurt Sorge, Shawn Denny, Joe Schwartz, and Geoff Gulevich. STRIPPED will feature Kurt Sorge\'s first ever complete film segment, the return of Joe Schwartz, Brooks and Gatzka giving high fives on the trails, breakthrough performances from riders such as Garett Buehler, Amos Franke, Nick Cima and Mike Metzger.

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