Gossip Girl: Vanessa/Nate/Catherine - Everything I\'m Not Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

WATCH IN HQ PLEASE!This is how Vanessa feels about her \"relationship\" with Nate and her \"relationship\" with Catherine also.\n\nWell, I heard this song and I just knew I had to make a video! I thought about Vanessa/Serena/Dan or Vanessa/Nate/Serena... or crazies ideas: Blair/Chuck/Serena or Blair/Chuck/Jenny lol but Ijust had the clips from the 5 episodes of season 2 so I don\'t have enough scenes for those ideas...\nThis is the first video I finish in just 1 day lol [4 hours to be exact]. Usually I don\'t finish a video in like a month u.u!\nI had to cut the song because of the not-enough scenes [sorry, I suck at english]\nWell, anyways I\'m proud of this video, I like how it turned out! Hope you like it too!\nI\'d like to thank Liz [siriusblackbabe] for the tutorials lol and for the inspiration \'cause her videos are awesome and I got inspired from them. Thank you, Liz. You rock!\nAnd is also dedicated to all theVanessa/Nate shippers [I\'m Blair/Chuck shipper but... whatever lol]\n\nPlease comment and rate!\n\nI own nothing... just editing. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!

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