The Thought of Freedom (Supertrippy Dancing to Cut Copy) Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

I am very lucky to have captured this \"beautiful accident\" and to be able to share it with all of the internet.Basically, Devin and I were hanging out before heading out to a Stake Dance or something, and I thought that I should warm up a bit. Devin was messing around with the FlipVideo-minicamera-extraordinaire-device, and the video was filmed. Fast forward about 4 months. Devin, Brian and I are now hanging out before playing Pep Band for the school basketball game, and Devin asks, \"Wheres the FlipVideo camera thing?\" We found it, rediscovered the video, and put it on. I was thinking that I should do some effects on it and make Devin\'s face look creepy at the end, so I started messing with the effects. The rest is history. I had to make a title that worked...because I made the ending first, immortalizing the video as something that can make any addiction to anything go away.\n\nThe Thought of Freedom (from this bondage...) It makes me want to dance. Kind of like this:\n\n(Maybe someday I\'ll present this in my History class...and blow some minds...and get a bad grade on that\n\nThe song is \"Far Away\" by Cut Copy.\n\nFacebook link:

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