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EP, None2006____________________________Available for download at their official myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/wormtongueusArtifcats Of The Great Race Of Yith\n\nA terrible dream, horrific images\nHaunted my sleep and left me in awe\n\nIn the vast ocean of sand\nLies the ruins of an ancient race\nA city, remnants of lost world\nContains the manuscripts inside\n\nThe power of their minds, all encompassing\n\nBeings of a dying world\na \"black, aeon-dead orb in far space\"\nThrough time and space\nThey travel and possess\nA tentacled, pungent mass of living flesh\nHideous form in which dwelt their minds\nLong after mankind is gone\nThey will return again\n\nThe Great Race of Yith, all powerful\n\nA terrible dream, horrific images\nPossessed my body and rendered me mad\n\nCome and behold the tale of what I saw\nIs this a nightmare or can it be true?\nMadness dominates my brain as I search for evidence\nThe artifacts tell the terrible truth of the Great Race of Yith

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