Jason rennie world record jump Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

Back in 2000 Jason Rennie Set the world record for ramp to ramp jumping . 253ft. Jason is Planning to break the current distance record of 322.5ft in 2008 . Jason says he cant believe how small his landing ramp was when he did his 253ft jump it was only 66ft long and 14ft wide . with a 16 ft safety deck . Jason believes with a landing ramp more like the size that Ryan capes and Robbie Maddison use he should have the confidence to go 350 to 400ft . I guess if you make the bullseye bigger on the dart board you got a lot more chance of hitting it. so i guess a bigger landing ramp will be far more inviting to land on .. But still doesnt eliminate the fact that if you come short your probably going to get serously injured ..

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