Lock and Load Fmx Videos - Freestyle Motocross Videos

Look ma! No hands! It\'s loud. It\'s loose. It\'s the Nitro Circus. We\'ve rounded up the crew, packed the powder, now its time to \"Lock and Load\", and put the fire in the hole. Erratic, random chaos is the flavor. Straight doses of ADHD players is the source. It\'s our beloved Travis just being Travis. Anyone who is involved with this movie is freakin\' nuts! You in? Caution: idiots ahead. Don\'t get too close or you might lose a finger. Lock and Load features the best riders in the world doing stunts, gone good, gone bad (C\'mon, it IS Travis). Join the Nitro Circus crew as they crash their way across the world. Available in October.Featuring:\n\nTravis Pastrana\nRonnie Renner\nStreet Bike Tommy\nSpecial Greg\nKenny Barttram\nMonster truck Cam\nAndy \"Hasslhof\" Bell\nTenacious J\nMat Rebau

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