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Bill Kelly is playing a 6 feet 2 inch Lester Parlor Grand Piano that has been completely restored by Tommy L. Wilson, RPT&Terry L. Wilson in Dyersburg, Tennessee. It took over five months to restore this wonderful masterpiece. As you can tell it sounds wonderful. Bill Kelly who is playing the piano has performed at Carnegie Hall and has recorded two CDs. Mr. Kelly claims that this Lester Grand piano plays better than any piano he has ever played in over twenty years including new Knabe Grand Piano, Baldwin, Samick, even several nine foot Steinways and Bosendorfers.Lester pianos have long been quality instruments and continue to be the choice among many of todays pianists. For example, Billy Joel started his career by playing on a Lester Piano. Additionally, many renowned music conservatories such as the New England Conservatory of Boston and the SyracuseUniversity Broad Street Conservatory in Philadelphia have been influenced by the quality and beauty of the Lester Piano. The sweetness tone of the Lester Grand piano sounded so remarkable that it became of the official piano of The Philadelphia Orchestra.\n\nCase Restoration \n\nSpecial care was given to case restoration. The case and accessories were carefully striped of the old finish, hand sanded to retain superior sound, dutifully inspected and artfully restored. Each coat of finish was allowed to fully cure for 24-hours before another coat was applied. The last coat was allowed to cure fortwo weeks before hand rubbing began.\n\nAction Restoration \n\n•White Keys Cleaned and Newly key-topped\n•Sharp keys newly topped with genuine ebony\n•New Renner backchecks\n•New Brass Capstans\n•Keyframe hand rubbed finished along with Hammer shanks rail and wippen rail\n•New Front rail and balance rail pins installed\n•Key height leveled and key depth set\n•New back rail, Front rail and Balance rail felt installed\n•Chrome plated Action Brackets\n•Newly finished wood action parts\n•New let-off buttons and Chrome Regulating Screws\n•Action rebuilt with only the finest Renner custom made wippens, shanks, flanges, and hammers\n•Action custom regulation\n•Custom Made Bass wires\n•All treble wires custom fitted to piano\n•Restoration of the top and music rack hinges with chrome\n•Plate newly finished with a Deep gold tint\n•All plate Bolts, Screws, and Nose Bolts plated Chrome.\n•Genuine legs and unique pedal lyre newly finished with hand rubbed lacquer finish\n•Piano was also accompanied with New Artist Bench\n\nThis Lester Parlor Grand Piano was originally crafted in 1912 and painstakingly restored by second generation, Tommy L. Wilson, and third generation, Terry L.Wilson of the late Charles A. Wilson.\n\nIn Summary\n\nNothing has been spared in design, craftsmanship, and delicate restoration of this unique Lester Piano. It offers a satisfying experience for anyone who appreciates superior craftsmanship. Simply put, this piano is truly one of a kind.\n\nTommy L. Wilson is a Registered Piano Technicianin good standings with the Piano Technicians Guild. Since 1960 he has been tuning and restoring pianos for people such as: Mickey Gilley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Oak Ridge Boys, Beach Boys, Dixie Carter, Eddie Hooker, Robin Davis, Bill Kelly, Ronnie Milsap, Jerome Rose, and Elvis Presleys white Knabe Grand Piano.If you would like to purchase this piano or want your piano restored call Tommy L. Wilson, RPT 731-445-3596 or email

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