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Find more Motocross videos at: to Eisenherz, Austria...a sleepy town nestled in the footills of the Alps. For three days every year this tiny hamlet becomes the epicenter of motorcross\' most insane event. This is the Enduro at Erzberg, three days of flat out blood, guts and adrenaline as the best morocross riders in thworld take on a mountain called \"The Iron Giant.\" It\'s a mad dash over bicious terrain, killer hills and dangerous rocks. 1300 riders come from all over the world to start the race...less than 30 will finish.\n\nIt\'s motorcross\' survival of the fittest as American stars Travis Pastrana and Ronnie Renner head for Austria to square off against Europe\'s best...including Kurt Nicoll and World Champion David Knight.\n\nThis torture test of endurance and skill takes place inside Europe\'s largest iron mine. If you are a fan of Freestyle Motocross, Supercross, Dirt Bike Racing, motor sports or straight upaction...Enduro at Erzberg is for you! You\'ve never seen a race like this...and you\'re barely going to believe it!\n\nThe biggest names in off-road dirt biking and super motorcross face the most challenging course in the world...and only the strong survive! Because at Erzberg...FINISHING THE RACE ISLIKE WINNING THE RACE!\n\nTotalVid/Zipidee is legally authorized to distribute this video. Please contact if you have questions regarding copyright issues or inquiries.

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