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ROCK 101 SKY SHOW XVArms ParkDowntown ManchesterSunday, May 28, 2006Park opens at 1pmKick off the 101 Days of Summer with Rock 101 and the Verizon Wireless Arena. Featuring the music of:\n\nAerosmith as performed by Draw the Line\n\nDuring a January 1998 interview, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler singled out Draw The Line as the best of the Aerosmith tribute bands. They are the only tribute band who has been featured on the Official Aerosmith Website as well as that of Aerosmith\'s Official Fan Club. With support and accolades from Aerosmith themselves, as well as journalists, top DJs, and fans worldwide, its no wonder that Draw The Line is recognized as a one-of-a-kind.\n\nDraw TheLine\'s lead singer, Neill Byrnes, even won a Steven Tyler look-alike contest. MTV agrees to the easily mistaken identity of Steven Tyler. Hailing from Boston, Draw the Line has had a fifteen-year career that has taken them all over the world. If you love Aerosmith, this is the tribute show You Don\'tWanna Miss!\n\nGreen Day - as performed by Basket Case\nWe are Basket Case--The Ultimate Green Day Tribute Band. We got together over the summer of 2005 on Long Island, NY and been rocking Green Day tunes ever since. If you\'re a die hard fan or a novice we play all the hits to some of the obscure covers. For anyone and everyone who comes to see our show we will pour our hearts and souls into the music to give you a good time\n\nLed Zeppelin as performed by Kashmir\nKashmir is Jean Violet on vocals, Andy Urban on Guitars, Frank Piccolo on Bass, and Paul Cooper on Drums. Kashmir wants every Zeppelinfan to feel that during the performance that they are getting as close as they can get to a live Led Zeppelin show. The band not only looks like Zeppelin without really trying (no wigs) but primarily is focused on the music and the vibe as they perform for their audience. Each member loves and appreciates playing the music of Led Zeppelin and they want that to be reflected as they perform for their audience. Kashmir will put you in another place and time, a journey into the mystical powers and spell binding music of Led Zeppelin. Kashmir will leave a spell on you singing your favorite tunes all the way home and wanting to come back for more.\n\nCamarojuana\nThe year was 1984. While traveling from the Iron Curtain Metal festival in Moscow to the Castle Knebbinton \"Metal For Polio\" benefit in London Camarojuana\'s plane went down over the icy northern reaches of Finland and the world lost quite possibly it\'s hardest rocking band. Or so it thought... 20 years later an arctic research team stumbled across the frozen Learjet. The band was defrosted in a Los Alamos research facility and immediately picked up where they left off...rocking, drinking and shagging their way around the world leaving a path of destruction, empty Jagermeister bottles and paternity suits in their wake.\n\nOnce again the world is feeling the thunderous tsunami-like drums of Doug Deep, the bowel shaking rumble of Butch R. Block\'s bass, the mind boggling shred of Spider Von Manhayden\'s guitar and the over the top,mullet-fueled rock star pyrotechnics of front man David Beef Broth.\n\nAnd a special performance from...\n\nRecycled Percussion:\nRecycled Percussion has emerged from underground live show sensation to one of the most powerful touring shows in theU.S. The band has single-handedly brought the terms \"Power-Percussion\" and \"Junk Rock\" into mainstream music circles with their acclaimed live show. Remarkable hard-rock drumming led by the world\'s \"fastest extreme drummer\" Justin Spencer, and intoxicating hip-hop funk grooves spun by turntablist \"DJ Dirty Soul\" create music that is sophisticated and technical in construction, mesmerizing in execution, and a fist-pumping thrill to experience.\"Recycled Percussion: Live at Allegheny\" captures the band\'s insane live performance and what is considered to be the peak of on-stage percussion extremity. Performing on everything from their signature \"trash\" kits, including plastic buckets, huge ladders, mortar casings and giant 50 gallon containers, to an absolutely massive traditional drum kit - the band of three drummers and a DJ keep the audience on their feet through 80 minutes of spark-emitting, masterfully played power tools, and a mind-blowing beat box \"vocal artillery\" session, backed up by chest crushing, power-driven, sweat-drenched drumming. Bonus footage includes scenes from the \"Rock Your Junk\" tour and NBA performances.\n\nAnd, for the first time ever at Sky Show, Red Bull TNT Freestyle Motocross demos!\nFeaturing: Jeff Tilton, X-Games Gold Medalist, Tommy Clowers\n\nALL CAPPED OFF with the signature 30-MINUTE FIREWORKS SPECTAUCLAR!! Be part of the tradition!\n\nMore info:\n• 603-625-6915\n• Rock 101 Sky Show

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