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http://www.motoxschool.comONLINE MOTOCROSS SCHOOL#1 MOTOCROSS INSTRUCTION WEBSITEWhats up every body! The crew and I traveled up to Royal City, WA to check out the 2008 HUCKFEST at the Toes MX Park. This was our second year attending and we are yet to be disappointed! Although this year about 5 hours into our drive my friend Mike and I both started catching the flu. As we arrived the day before the event at 2:30 in the morning we found a good parking spot and decided to call it a night. Just our luck the heater in the RV decided to break down on us so our warm cozy beds turned into freezing ice boxes. The lovely 20 degrees weather outside didnt help! This didnt help the flu situation either. Sure enough we had to battle outrageous fevers and headaches all weekend long. But in spite of all that I got a few good shots and threw them together. Hope you all enjoy! Note.. None of this footage is for sale. thank you.

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